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Is Valentine's Day ruining your relationship?

What day makes people more anxious than any other day of the year?

If you answered April 15, you're way off.

Even the IRS' strangle hold on your wallet is no match for the grip Cupid has on lovers who want to please and delight their significant others.

If the holiday has you sweating, you're not alone. Many surveys show lovers can be out touch with what the loves of their lives really want for Valentine's Day.

And the consequences of a bad Valentine's Day gift aren't pretty. According to one survey, as many as six million people have broken up with someone on Valentine's Day.

A survey conducted by Bill Me Later Inc. and Ipsos Insight reveals that men really are from Mars when it comes to knowing what their sweethearts want for Valentine's Day.

More than 90 percent of the men polled said they would be giving a hug as part of their gift. Only 13 percent of the female respondents, however, said they wanted a hug. Twenty-two percent of men who intend to give gifts said they would give lingerie, but only 2 percent of the women surveyed want lingerie.

Flowers, the most coveted gift on the female list of desirable Valentine's Day gifts, ranked second on the male gift-giving list. However, jewelry, which was the women's second pick for most desired gift, only rated fifth on the men's list.

Does all of this discord between men and women's visions of the perfect Valentine's Day cause any relationship damage?

It certainly does.

The difference in gender perception is probably a more significant problem than people imagine, according to Carolyn Kaufman, a clinical psychologist and an assistant professor at Columbus State Community College in Ohio.

The commercial expectations for Valentine's Day are focused on women's ideals of love, and not men's.

"That means men are forced to do things that don't say love to them," she said. "In fact, for men, (these gifts) may just (be) cheesy."






Bill Me Later集团和“益普索观察”机构联合开展的一项调查表明,在情人节送礼物方面,男人可真是从火星上来的(此处指不了解女人心思;源于一本畅销书名《男人来自火星,女人来自金星》)。