(大学)代理校长 Acting President
(大学)副校长 Vice President
(大学)校长 President/Chancellor
(大学)专科 Major Types of Education in China short 2- to 3- year higher education programs
(大学的)研究小组;讨论会 seminar
(国家)助学金 (state)stipend/subsidy
(戏剧学院)表演系Acting Department
(系)主任 chairman; chairperson
(小学)校长 Head /Master
(职工)子弟学校 school for children of workers & staff members
(中学)校长 Principal
爱国人士 patriotic personage
爱国主义教育 education in patriotism
百分制 100-mark system
班主任Class Discipline Adviser/Head Teacher
办学效益 efficiency in school management
半工半读学校 part-work and part-study school
半文盲 semiliterate; functional illiterate
包分配 guarantee job assignments
被授权 be authorized to do
必修课 required/compulsory course
毕业典礼 graduation ceremony; commencement
毕业鉴定 graduation appraisal
毕业论文 thesis; dissertation
毕业设计 graduation ceremony
毕业实习 graduation field work
毕业证书 diploma; graduation certificate
博士 doctor (Ph.D)
博士后 post doctorate
博士后科研流动站 center for post-doctoral studies
补考 make-up examination
补习学校 continuation school
材料工程系 Department of Materials Engineering
材料科学系 Department of Materials Science
财贸学校 finance and trade school
财政拨款 financial allocation
测量系 Department of Survey
成绩单 school report; report card; transcript
成人教育 adult education
成人学校 adult school
成人夜校 night school for adults
成为有理想,有道德,有文化,守纪律的劳动者 to become working people with lofty ideals, moral integrity, education and a sense of discipline
初等教育 elementary education
初中 junior middle school
辍/失学青少年 school dropout/leaver
大学肆业生 undergraduate
德才兼备 to combine ability with character; equal stress on integrity and ability
低年级学生 lower grade pupil/student; pupil/student in junior grades
地理系 Department of Geography
地球物理系 Department of Geophysics
地质系 Department of Geology
电机工程系 Department of Electrical Engineering
电机制造学校 electrical machinery school
电力学校 electric power school
电视大学 T.V. university
电子系 Department of Electronics
雕塑系 Department of Sculpture
定向招生 students are admitted to be trained for pre-determined employers
东方语言学系 Department of Oriental Languages & Literature
动物学系 Department of Zoology
动员 mobilize
短训班 short-term training course
多学科的 multi-disciplinary
俄语系 Department of Russian
发挥学生主动性、创造性 to give scope to the students' initiative and creativeness
法律系 Department of Law
法语系 French Language Department
反复灌输 inculcate
纺织工程系 Department of Textile Engineering
纺织航海学校 textile machinery school
分数 mark; grade
分校 branch school
服务性行业 service trade
辅导员 assistant for political and ideological work
附中 attached middle school
附属中学 attached middle school
副教授 associate professor
副主任 vice-chairman
岗位培训 undergo job-specific training
高等教育 higher/tertiary education
高等学校 institution of higher education
高年级学生 upper/higher grade pupil/student; pupil/student in senior grades
高中 senior middle school
工程物理系 Department of Engineering Physics
工业大学 polytechnic university
工业工程系 Department of Industrial Engineering
工业治理系 Department of Industrial Management
工业设计系 Department of Industrial Design
工业学院 engineering institute
公费生 government-supported student
公开课 open class
共产主义道德品质 communist ethics
共产主义教育 education in communism
治理科学系 Department of Management Science
广播电视大学 television and radio broadcasting university
国画系 Department of Tradition Chinese Painting
国际关系系 Department of International Relations
国际经济系 Department of International Economics
国际劳工组织 International Labor Organization
国际贸易系 Department of International Trade
国际文化交流 intercultural communication
国际政治系 Department of International Politics
国际主义教育 education in internationalism
国家发明奖 National Invention Prize
国家教育经费 national expenditure on education
国家科技进步奖 National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology
国家统计局 the State Statistical Bureau
国家自然科学奖 National Prize for Natural Sciences
海洋学系 Department of Oceanography
函授大学 correspondence college
航海系 Department of Navigation
河流港湾工程系 Department of River & Harbor Engineering
护理系 Department of Nursing
护士学校 nurses' school
化工学校 chemical engineering school
化学系 Department of Chemistry
环境工程学系 Department of Environmental Engineering
会计系 Department of Accounting
会计学校 accountant school
伙食补助 food allowance
伙食费 board expenses
机械工程系 Department of Mechanical Engineering
基本框架 basic framework
基础科学 the fundamentals
基础课 basic course
基金会 foundation
及格 pass
集体主义教育 education in collectivism
计算机学系 Department of Computer Science
记者招待会 press conference
技工学校 school of technology
家业经济系 Department of Agricultural Economics
假期工作vacation jobs
坚持社会主义方向 to keep to the socialist orientation
兼职教授 Part-time Professor
建筑工程系 Department of Architectural Engineering
建筑工程学校 building engineering school
建筑学 Department of Architecture
讲师 Lecturer/Instructor
奖励 rewards
奖学金生 prize fellow
教材编写组 Teaching Materials Writing Group
教导主任 Director of Teaching and
教师进修学校 teachers' college for vocational studies
教授 professor
教书育人 to educate the person as well as impart book knowledge
教务长 Dean/Director of Teaching Affairs, dean of studies
教学、科研、生产的"三结合" "3-in-1 combination" involving teaching, research, and production
教学大纲 teaching program; syllabus
教学内容 content of courses
教学人员 the faculty; teaching staff
教学组 teaching group
教研室/组 teaching and research section/group
教研室主任 Head of the Teaching and Research Section
教育必须为社会主义现代化服务,必须同生产劳动相结合,培养德智体全面发展的建设者和接班人。 Education must serve the needs of socialist modernization, be integrated with productive labor, and train builders and successors who are well developed morally, intellectually and physically.
教育部 Ministry of Education
教育程度educational background
教育方针 guideline(s)/guiding principle(s) for education
教育投入 input in education
教育系 Department of Education
教育要面向现代化,面向世界,面向未来 Gear education to the needs of modernization, the world and the future
教员休息室 staff room; common room
教职员 teaching and administrative staff
结合、使加入 incorporate
解剖学 Department of Anatomy
进修班 class for advanced studies
进修课程refresher course
经济(学)系 Department of Economics
经济治理系 Department of Economic Management
考古学系 Department of Archaeology
客座教授 visiting professor; guest professor
课程 course; curriculum
课程包括curriculum included
课程表 school timetable
课程重点部分educational highlights
课堂讨论 class discussion
课外辅导 instruction after class
课外活动extracurricular activities
课外阅读 outside reading
矿冶系 Department of Mining and Metallurgy
昆虫学系 Department of Entomology
理工科大学 college/university of science and engineering
理科大学 university of science
历史系 Department of History
燎原计划 the Prairie Fire Program
林学系 Department of Forestry
领取助学金的学生 a grant-aided student
留级 to repeat the year's work; to stay down
留学生 international student
聋哑学校 school of deaf-mutes
旅游治理系 Department of Tourist Management
论文导师 supervisor
盲人学校 school for the blind/ blind men’s school
美术学院 academy of fine arts
民办学校 private school
名誉教授 Honorary Professor
母校 Alma Mater
年龄段(层)age bracket
农学系 Department of Agriculture
农学院 agricultural college
农业大学 agricultural university
农业中学 agricultural middle school
旁听生(英)guest student
培养独立分析问题和解决问题的能力 to cultivate the ability to analyze and solve concrete problems independently
培养学生自学能力 to foster the students' ability to study on their own
普遍教育 general education
普及教育 universal education
企业治理系 Department of Business Administration
启发式 elicitation method (of teaching); heuristic method
启发学生独立思考的能力 to help develop the ability of the students to think things out for themselves
气象学系 Department of Meteorology
汽车工程系 Department of Automobile Engineering
人才枯竭 exhaustion of human resources
三结合联合体 tripartite complex
三学期制 the trimester system
扫盲班 literacy class
商业学校 commercial school
社会参与 communal participation
社会活动social activities
社会实践social practice
社会学系 Department of Sociology
身体好,学习好,工作好。Keep fit, study hard and work well.
升级 to be promoted to a higher grade
升学t o go to a school of a higher grade; to enter a higher school
升学率 proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade
生理学系 Department of Physiology
生物(学)系 Department of Biology
师范大学 normal university; teachers' university
师范学校 school for kindergarten teachers
师范学院 teachers' college
石油地质学校 petroleum geological school
石油学系 Department of Petroleum
实行分区规划 practice regional planning
实验室主任 Laboratory Chief
实验员 Laboratory Technician
实验中学 experimental middle school
食品工程系 Department of Food Engineering
示范试点 demonstration pilot project
适应社会主义现代化建设需要,面向二十一世纪,具有中国特色的社会主义教育体系。 a socialist education system with distinct Chinese characteristics that meets the needs of socialist modernization and is oriented to the 21st century
授予某人学位 to confer a degree on sb.
暑期工作summer jobs
数学系 Department of Mathematics
双学士制 a double BA degree system
水产技术学校 marine products technical school
水利系 Department of Water Conservancy
水利学校 water conservancy school
税收 tax revenue
硕士 master
所学课程 courses taken
非凡练习special training
提高......的思想品德 enhance the moral awareness of ...
体育活动 physical activities
体育系 Department of Physical Education
体育学院 physical culture institute
天文学 Department of Astronomy
填鸭式教学法 cramming/forced-feeding method of teaching
铁路机械学校 railway machinery school
铁路技术学校 railway engineering school
听课 to visit a class; to sit in on a class; to attend a lecture
通讯工程系 Department of Communication Engineering
图书馆学系 Department of Library Science
图书馆员 Librarian
土木工程系 Department of Civil Engineering
土壤系 Department of Soil
托儿所 nursery/ creche
脱产培训 off-job training
外籍教授 Foreign Professor
外交系 Department of Diplomacy
外语系 Foreign Languages Department
外语学校 foreign languages school
卫生学校 health school
文科大学 university of liberal arts
文学系 Department of Literature
无线电工程系 Department of Radio Engineering
五爱(爱祖国、爱人民、爱劳动、爱科学、爱护公物) "Five Love": love the motherland, the people, labor, and science and take good care of public property.
五分制 the 5-grade marking system
舞蹈系 Department of Dance
舞蹈学校 dancing school
物理系 Department of Physics
西班牙语系 Department of Spanish
西方语言系 Department of Western Languages
希望工程 Project Hope
戏剧系 Department of Theatricals
系主任 Department Chairman /Department Head
系主任办公室 Office of the Department Head
小学 primary(elementary)school
校友 alumnus; alumna
协调发展 coordinated and balanced program of development
心理学系 Department of Psychology
新闻系 Department of Journalism
新增劳动力 incoming labor force
畜牧系 Department of Animal Husbandry
选修课 elective/optional course
学费 tuition (fee)
学分 credit
学分制 the credit system
学力educational level
学历education, educational history, record of formal schooling
学龄儿童 school-ager
学年 school/academic year
学期 (school)term; semester
学前教育 preschool education
学生会 students' union/association
学术报告会,专题讨论会 symposium
学术活动academic activities
学位 degree
学习成绩 academic record; school record
学习年限 period of schooling
学院院长 Dean of College/Head of College
学制educational system
研究生 graduate student; post-graduate (student)
研究生指导教师 Graduate Teacher/Research Supervisor; faculty adviser
药学系 Department of Pharmacy
药科大学pharmaceutical university
冶金机械学校 metallurgical machinery school
冶金系 Department of Metallurgy
业余工作part-time jobs
业余学校 spare-time school
业余艺术/体育学校 amateur arts/athletic school
业余职工大学 spare-time college for staff and workers
夜校 evening (night) school
医科大学 medical university
医学工程系 Department of Medical Engineering
医学系 Department of Medicine
医学院 medical college/school
遗传工程系 Department of Genetics Engineering
义务教育 compulsory education; free education
艺术系 Arts Department
艺术学校 art school
音乐系 Department of Music
音乐学院 conservatory of music
银行系 Department of Banking
印刷系 Department of Printing
应届毕业生 graduating student/pupil; this year's graduates
英语系 English Language Department
优化教师队伍 optimize the teaching staff
优秀干部 excellent leader
优秀团员 excellent League member
邮电学校 posts &.telecommunications school
幼儿园 kindergarten
娱乐活动recreational activities
渔业航海学校 fishery and navigation school
园艺系 Department of Horticulture
原子能系 Department of Atomic Energy
运输治理系 Department of Transportation Management
在职进修班 in-service training course
在职培训 on-the-job/in-service training
造船学系 Department of Naval Architecture
占百分比 account for ...%
哲学系 Department of Philosophy
政治思想教育 political and ideological education
政治系 Department of Political Science
职工大学 college for workers &. Staff members
职前教育 pre-service education
职业道德 professional ethics
职业技术教育 vocational and technical education
职业学校 vocational school
职业中学 vocational middle school
植物(学)系 Department of Botany
中、小学校长headmaster/headmistress; principal
中等技术学校 secondary technical school; technical secondary school
中等教育 secondary education
中等专业学校 secondary specialized school; polytechnic school
中文系 Department of Chinese Language and Literature
中学 middle(secondary)school
中医药大学university of TCM
中医院 institute of traditional Chinese medicine
终身教授 Lifetime Professor
重点大学 key university
重点学科 key disciplinary areas or priority fields of study
重点学校 key school
主副修制 a system of a major field of specialization plus a minor field
住宿生 boarder
助教 Teaching Assistant (T.A.)
注册人数 enrollment
专门课程 specialized courses
专任教师 full-time teacher
专修科 special (training) course
专业 speciality; major
专业课 specialized course
专职教师 full-time teacher
资料中心 data center
自动化系 Department of Automation
自学成才 to become educated through independent study
自学考试 self-taught examination
综合性大学 comprehensive university
总务长 Director in Charge of General Affairs
走读生 day student; non-resident student, extern