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Foreign Politicians Thought Highly of China’s Quake Relief

Recently, when some foreign politicians went to Chinese embassies or consulates abroad and Chinese offices in international organizations to offer their condolences to the victims in the Wenchuan Sichuan earthquake, they thought highly of Chinese governments’ quake relief work, saying Chinese governments’ quake relief work was highly effective and timely, which represented the people-oriented idea.

On May 20, Alvaro Uribe, president of the Republic of Colombia, addressed that facing so serious a disaster, Chinese governments at all levels kept calm and took deceive measures of quake relief and special rescue personel and ordinary people exerted their strength to join in the rescue work, all of which were deserved to praise and learn from.

The United Republic of Tanzanian President Kikwete on May 21, said that the quake relief work of Chinese governments showed the people-oriented, the policy of people saving first and scientific rescue.

On the same day, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse showed admiration for Chinese governments’ quick and effective quake relief work.

On May 21, Japanese Premier Yasuo Fukuda addressed that after the earthquake, Chinese leaders went to the disaster area personally and exerted their strength to command the quake relief. He believed that under the leadership of Chinese governments, Chinese people were sure to win the victory over the quake relief, and rebuild homes soon.